Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Help those in need

Today I'd like to talk about a sensitive topic. I recently chatted with a friend whose daughter is rather ill and will probably need a liver transplantation. My friend's daughter is newly engaged, beautiful and has plenty of dreams, as any young woman. The one thing that hinders her is an auto immune illness called primary schlerosing cholangitis and it means it is destroying her own liver.

It looks as if she's lucky enough to actually receive an organ and if everything goes well, she can live her dreams.
Not everyone has the chance. There are still far too many people losing the battle with time, for there's a shortage of organs and the waiting lists are long -- many even up to three years. I believe it could be changed if enough people decided to be registered as a donor. You can even choose what you'd like to donate and exclude certain organs.
I can't even remember anymore when I first registered as a donor. It was back in Germany and I believe might have been about fifteen years ago. Though I probably wouldn't recommend my liver (writer = alcoholic as we all know -- just kidding), I personally couldn't care less what they re-use. My thoughts were and still are: I have no need for any organ when I'm dead -- no matter the cause -- and if I can help to keep another person alive, give them a few more years, etc., then I'm happy to do so.

Are you?

If you'd like to register you can do this here: or talk to your GP, nearest hospital, they'll be able to provide you with more information and forms.

Join me and many other donors to help those in need. It doesn't cost anything and a small card can make such a big difference.

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