Saturday, March 3, 2012

And now it's time for a beer

After a night with little sleep, I had a rather grumpy morning. You know, one of those days you just don't want to get up; the sun didn't shine and I was tired. What's not to hate? Well, since the volunteers of the Dalston Roof Park agreed to meet today and start re-organising the whole garden, I had to get my arse into gear. Plus, I was really looking forward to some exercise: cycling and shoving soil from one bag into another. My early grumpiness dissolved later, although it started to rain as soon as my backside connected with the saddle. How very convenient, I thought, but nothing would've kept me from doing what I had planned, or more the committee.
I've waited for the 'spring' to come with great anticipation. All this sitting around with a laptop for company isn't good. I love my writing, but I'll be glad to do it from the roof again, in the sun. Winter's just not my favourite time of the year.
However, after plenty of digging and shovelling, organising and harvesting, we finished our session, happy with the results and plans for more. Even the sun had made an appearance. I arrived home with at least one grow bag of soil under my short (!) fingernails and after a shower I was ready for a beer. The Germans have a saying: Kein Bier vor vier! (No beer before four.) Afternoon, that is.

So I'll have a Beck's as I'm writing this. By the way: did you know that Beck's is from Bremen? My hometown? So does Kellogg's for that matter. Oh and Werder Bremen. Yes, I'm a football fan and I used to have a season ticket, standing in between the hardcore fans. Just saying. Not that it's any important to you, but I thought I'd tell you anyway.

Before I forget: if you didn't get a chance to grab my short story collection for free: if you click on the picture with the iguana in a sock to the left, you'll be guided to Amazon and it'll cost you nothing. The download, I mean.

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