Monday, August 8, 2011

Third donation for Japan made

Hello, lovely readers

I've now made the third donation. A total of �150 to make a round sum. It was equally divided between the British Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders as gift aid.

Here's the e-mail I've received from BRC:

Dear Stella Deleuze
Thank you for your donation to the British Red Cross - Japan Tsunami Appeal. Japanese Red Cross workers are treating the injured, providing psychological support and distributing relief items in the aftermath of a massive earthquake which hit Japan on 11 March.

Your donations make a real difference.

Thank you.
Your donation amount is: �75
Your reference number is: INC01355030

And Doctors Without Borders:

Dear Stella
Thank you for your donation of �75.00 to M�decins Sans Fronti�res UK.
The reference for this donation is W0008675

Your gift is of huge value both to our field teams and our patients. Donations such as yours make our work possible as they allow us to remain independent from political, religious and economic interests, thereby ensuring our freedom to provide medical assistance whenever and wherever it is needed.
Your support enables us to negotiate armed checkpoints and borders, to reach those most forgotten and at risk. It also means we can offer treatment for infectious diseases, to people who struggle to get even the most basic medical care, due to conflict, exclusion, or poverty.
If you have any questions about your donation or the work that it is helping to fund, please feel free to get in touch on 020 7404 6600 or email

Again, huge thank you to each and everyone who bought the book, recommended it, commented on it and helped to spread the word. I wouldn't have been able to donate over �200 for Japan and I'm really really glad I could.

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