Friday, August 5, 2011

No Wings Attached e-book give away!

Yes, you read right, if you have been eyeing with my romantic comedy with a twist, you now have the chance to get your greedy little fingers on a copy of the e-book. I'm totally chuffed and honoured to be a guest blogger on 
Chick Lit Central, who run the contest.

How it works?
It's really easy, just leave a comment with your e-mail address on their site, share the contest on twitter or facebook or follow their site and let them know. So many options.
Of course you can always send me some Chardonnay and chocolate, that will not get you an advantage, but make me immensely happy. :-)

Here's the blurb to see what you can expect from this novel:
What if you find out that the man you love has got secrets and you are not who you think you are?
Life couldn't get any worse for 32-year-old Celia: single again and working in two jobs she hates; the last thing she needs is falling for gorgeous, out-of-her-league, arrogant Tom.
Being a wish-consultant, Tom has to make up for a failed case and is sent to make her wishes come true without his usual skills. Not easy when she's reluctant to talk to him. In order to help her become happy, he needs to win her trust and unexpectedly develops feelings he shouldn't have. When finally everything seems to fall into place for Celia, she receives a phone call that turns her world upside down once again.

This is a light-hearted romantic comedy a la Bridget Jones meets Charmed; no vampires, no werewolves, only the odd human with some supernatural powers. Suitable for readers who usually don't like paranormal.
And the latest review from a UK reader:

Couldn't put the book down. I started this book and honestly couldn't stop. I loved the plot, fell in love with the characters and can't wait for the next one. This is going in my favourites folder so I can read over and over again. If you want a book that catches you right from start to finish - this is the book for you. 

Is your interest piqued? Then hop over to Chick Lit Central and enter the contest. It's free and their site has always something interesting to read, too.

Good luck, everyone.

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