Saturday, August 27, 2011

From Facebook to London

Yesterday I ranted about obnoxious behaviour on social media sites, today, I'd like to take a positive view on them. Thanks to the Internet, I've made friends all over the world, I'm invited to Australia, America and Japan as well as up and down UK. Well, my Swedish friend asked me to come, too, but I know her from London, so that doesn't count. Since I've started writing and with it began to frequent fora and social networking sites, I've been nothing but grateful for all the connections I've made. It's wonderful to chat with a person, knowing he or she is on the other end of the world.
One person I've met on Facebook is Vivienne. We literally stumbled over each other on a thread a mutual friend started, we began chatting and since she comes to London quite often, we decided to meet up. I'd say we had quite a good time. Often, when you get to know people online and then meet them in person, you find that your expectations aren't met. The picture of the persona you deal with via text only isn't the same. Sometimes, you can be utterly disappointed, but I actually met a lot of wonderful people. Now Vivienne and I are both authors and therefore have a lot in common, but she's also super lovely and we spoke about a lot of different things. Needless to mention I wasn't disappointed, I love easy-going people. We had lunch and there never was an awkward silence. Thank you, Facebook, for making that possible.

Okay, now something to laugh about: we met at Covent Garden.
Yes, and where's the fun in it? you might probably think. Well, I'll tell you. The tube station has either a lift or stairs -- 193 steps. I didn't really know how many, or better, I had forgotten about it and since I wasn't patient enough to wait for the lift, which would be crammed with people, I went for the stairs and almost passed out half-way up. People, if you're not fit, don't attempt to take them. I was as red in my face as the background of this blog and I also puffed like and old engine.

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