Thursday, June 30, 2011

Donation for April Sales have been made

Just a quick information for those who follow up on the sales and trusted me with their money by buying my book.

I've sold 258 in the UK, 27 on I'm waiting for the combined cheque for March and April to be sent. Contacted Customer Service yesterday as I didn't receive any payment for the .com sales yet.
For now, I've donated �35 as gift aid to British Red Cross, for Japan Tsunami relief.
And I've given away one "L" with it.

I've also made the donation of �30 to Doctors, but, same as last time, it says it's delayed and I'll receive an e-mail as soon as the payment went through. This payment has also been made as gift aid.

And here the e-mail of DWB:

Dear Stella
Thank you for your donation of �30.00 to M�decins Sans Fronti�res UK.
The reference for this donation is W0003259
MSF Logo

Thank you again, to those who helped me spreading the word and I hope you don't regret buying the book. The sales for May have been a lot higher and the next donation will be �150. A massive success, I'd say.

You guys are great!

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