Friday, June 17, 2011

Please, don't hurt me!

Because I'm more than capable of doing that to myself. This time: chopping off a fair bit of my fingernail with the nail bed included. Silly, really.

I was about to prepare some stir fry and for some reason, I didn't pay enough attention and it was done. Pressure bandage on, bleeding stopped, stir fry cancelled and grilled sausages instead. Because it was late in the evening, I went to bed early. Next day, I took the bandage off and it wouldn't stop bleeding, so I went to A&E (ER), also to be assured that everything will heal just fine.

Today, I had an appointment to get the dressing changed. Problem: the bandage stuck to the dried wound. Brilliant, I thought. Not! I knew they're going to hurt me and they did. And, the most ridiculous thing happened: I needed to lie down; broke into cold sweat and felt sick. Very funny, when I think back, but they obviously thought I'm not right in the head. I apologised profusely and went, head down, out the door.
I wonder when did I become such a wimp?

I remember to have had both of my big toes broken (stumbled down the stairs in high heels), what did I do? I cycled home, taped the toes, put on some trainers and went back to work. A few years ago, I left the house to go to work, fell over and broke my elbow, heard it crack, yay! I knew that was bad news, but I went to work and got sent to the surgeon. And I've also torn my ligaments (ankle) three years ago, couldn't walk, but I didn't go to the A&E. It's only when blood is involved that I'm going mad. And I'm not even screamish.

Well, what annoys me most is that posts like this take awfully long and my deadline for the sequel of No Wings Attached is pushed back even more. I'm a touch typer, so without all my ten fingers I'm basically lost. But I'm trying my best. And there are still some positive notes:

I've been a guest blogger on Rachel's site, talking about the journey of No Wings Attached and the lovely Michelle had another short story, The Dancer, showcased on oceanbluepress.
And an interview with We Do Write

Thank you to the threee of them, they are wonderful supportive people. If you are a writer, please check out their blogs and get in touch.

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