Thursday, February 10, 2011

Operation weighing successful!

Today, I took Zorro to a nearby vet in order to check on his weight. The reptile specialist I usually go to is too far away and it would be ridiculous to put Zorro through the torture of being stuffed into a bag for hours, traveling through London.

The head nurse was absolutely wonderful, so was the rest of the team. They welcomed my big boy with open arms. (I knew the head nurse was into reptiles as she told me before.) We put him onto the scale and I couldn't believe my eyes. He put on 1.3 kilograms (that's 2.8 pounds) since the last visit at the vet in September. I guess I know now where my money has gone: into good iguana food and plenty of it.

Zorro wasn't really impressed with all the fuss that has been made and wandered around the surgery, investigating each corner; once in a while he would look up at each of us three standing there talking about him. He's now back in his vivarium, immediately climbed his high lazy-hangout, looking at me with suspicion. I think it might take a few hours until he's back to the normal hating me again.

I would like to thank the team of Abbey Vet in Stamford Hill who have allowed me to weigh him, it's essential to keep an eye on it with reptiles, too.

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