Sunday, February 27, 2011

I declare WAR!!!

You see, I do like to share food with friends, in fact, I'm a very good hostess, or so I've been told. Now that only applies for invited guests. But I have acquired a rather unwanted flatmate: a teeny tiny dark-grey mouse.

It lives in my kitchen and I hate it! I heard it already a few weeks back, when it run behind the walls, problem is: if you have one you always have more of them. Last year, my neighbour 'borrowed' her cat which lives with her friend. And shortly after that, we were mouse-free. This year, I looked out for droppings and didn't find any and was relieved.

Then, I went into the kitchen the other evening and I just saw something that looked like a tail disappear into the cooker. (I've got one of these museum pieces: a Bellini cooker). No kidding.

Haven't heard anything, so I thought my eyes might have tricked me. Yesterday, I, again, went into the kitchen and when I turned on the light, the little bugger stuck out its nose, then decided it's better to flee. Unfortunately, my reaction time wasn't good enough. I grabbed a pot to cover it, but it ran away. How can a l creature as little as that run so fast? Amazing. I was angry, because they are dirty, full of germs and leave their dropping all over the place.
A few minutes later, I found it, running on the floor, along the wall. Oh that's my opportunity, I thought, and chased it, but it escaped. I learned they can make themselves really thin and get through the smallest gaps. It went straight towards the living room, hiding behind a board. When I disturbed it again, it ran back into the kitchen, under the fridge and was gone.

Later, I found the live-catching mouse-trap to be closed, but no mouse inside. Now I'm declaring WAR to this animal. It will go down, no matter what! I have my hands full with my iguana, if I wanted another pet, I'd go and get one, you hear me, teeny tiny cheeky mouse that squats in my kitchen??

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