Sunday, February 6, 2011

Let out the French in you!

The only French thing her is the baguette, to be honest, but I thought it deserves a bit of a pimping up. If you are lazy, can't see pizza anymore or just suffer from hangover, here's a great and delicious grilled baguette, that will pick you up in no time.

 My choice of ingredients is not to everybody's liking, so please adopt accordingly:

Half a broad French baguette (or ciabatta)
iceberg salad 
1 tomato
cooked ham
cheese (Edam)
1 boiled egg
1 big fresh mushroom
sauce of your choice (I used coronation sauce, though I admit the home made version was not successful. Need to improve here.)

Layer all the ingredients onto the lower half of the baguette, shove it all under the grill, even the upper half, so it gets crunchy. Keep an eye on it. When the cheese is melted, take it out, pour the sauce onto it, put the upper half on, crunch it down (otherwise you won't be able to eat it) and enjoy.

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