Saturday, August 11, 2012

The newest addition: a soon to be scar

Some call me stupid, some call me brave, I call myself not careful enough. While trying to fix something in the iguana's house, he came running in order to chase me away. I did take a few steps back, but he jumped anyway, getting the ball of my hand. I'm not sure if he intended to, but given that he's in mating season, I'd say yes. He then charged me so I had to quickly hide in the bathroom, out of his sight. Probably a good choice, because I'd started bleeding all over the place and needed to stop the bleeding first. However, I pressed something to the wound and put the iguana back into his house.
Interestingly, he becomes rather wild when he has bitten me, as if he had a rush of adrenaline running through him. Moving things get him going, whether it's a towel, a bag or me. You run away, he'll chase. However, I don't recommend standing still; if an iguana charges, he'll attack. If you have something at hand to throw over his head (towel, blanket or jumper) do that. Or if you have something to block him, hold it in his way. A charging iguana is determined to get you and if you don't pay attention, he'll succeed. I was lucky, again, today; the wound is not deep, just cut through the first layer of my skin, which will heal nicely, but leave a scar.

Below are the pictures:

 <--two minutes after he bit me.

 Bleeding almost stopped, already a little swollen -->

Below: Bleeding stopped. You can see that he has literally torn the flesh in three areas.  It'll take probably a bit more than a week to heal.

And a picture just taken (3rd day after bite) before I put on a new dressing:
It is still slightly swollen, because I don't rest it enough and it's in an awkward position with lots of fat and muscle underneath. But it's dry now. It'll leave a scar for sure, but it doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would. I think it'll take another week to heal properly, then will continue to be sensitive for a while.

This picture was taken on the fifth day after the attack --->
Still a bit swollen and slightly infected. I've taken off the bandage for the first time to let air on the wound, which was good. It's almost closed and dry now. I've carefully cleaned it with saline solution, as it's a gentle disinfectant and dries the wound in addition. It'll probably take until end of this week for the swelling to go down and another for the scab to come off. I was lucky he didn't get deeper.

<--This is exactly a week after. I will have to watch the very dark bit on the top, but it's healing nicely. The swelling has gone down and appears now only around the scab. I'll give it about another week to be healed completely. It's still sensitive when I press on it, but that's normal, given that it's still healing underneath.

13 days after the attack, finally without the scab: it's not completely healed yet. I have to find out if the remaining black bit is dead tissue or blood underneath the skin. My guess is the former. Will have to wait and see if it grows out eventually.
It's still rather sensitive and often painful to touch. It would have been better if I had stitches as it's a very difficult area and constantly in use. Another battle scar from the sharp teeth of an iguana.

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