Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It only takes one person

I had a pretty miserable day which went from bad to worse. There were several issues I needed to sort out and I wasn't really in the mood to smile.
Just one of those days, you know? Where you knock over a water bucket while cleaning, drop the chopped onions and have to do it all over again, and burn yourself on the the pot handle, because you simply forgot to put on the gloves.
In all that turmoil, I received an e-mail that brought the smile back to my face; recently, a lovely woman from the Amazon forum, had offered to proofread books by self published authors, and because experience shows one can never have enough proofreaders, I asked if she would read No Wings Attached and Candlelight Sinner. She agreed
and it seemed that she was pleasantly surprised.
She wrote: "I was a bit dubious about reading your books because I really didn't think they were my type of thing and I thought I would struggle like mad.  Surprisingly though, I really loved them and they were a refreshing change to what I would normally read, so well done you on writing two really good books!"
Sometimes, it only takes one person to make your day. Thank you, Elaine, you brought some much needed light into mine. The biggest compliment a writer can get is when someone reading outside their genre or being sceptical (she normally reads Crime/Thrillers) falls in love with your books.

And because one can't have enough sunshine in the heart, I've cooked some food for the soul: Broad beans with smoked streaky bacon and home made mashed potatoes:

A little tip for perfect potato mash: a good knob of butter, milk and a pinch of freshly grated nutmeg.
You can find the recipe here:

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