Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I couldn't hold myself back anymore

For days I had the longing for a massive creamy cake or anything that contained whipped cream. Normally I have this craving every six months. Don't ask me why, but I then can't go past anything fat and unhealthy, stuff my face with it and are healed for the next six months.
I had resisted the urge for the past few days, but today, I thought: Sod it! I need some cream! and went to buy waffles, one of those sweet creams in a can and cherries in a glass.

 The absolutely incredible and indulgent result

Man, you won't believe how it felt to eat it. Let me tell you, it was wonderful. Well, for that kind of session I'll have to work a few hours in the garden tomorrow, but I don't mind. It was worth it.
Tonight, I'll have Spaghetti Carbonara (home made, of course) and that'll be enough cream in one day.

After that I'll have to sit down and write, because I seem to have overcome another hurdle. Half way into the Thriller, I yesterday realised, that from now on it's going to be all the brutal violent scenes, which means a lot of fun to write. The pace is picking up, too. To be honest, I can't wait to finish the book and send it out to the beta-readers for feedback.

I also wonder if anyone would recognise my 'voice' when it's out under a pseudonym. I have a name already, as well as a title (which my friend loves a lot, by the way).

I'll keep you posted.

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