Thursday, June 14, 2012

From idiots to the more pleasant

I know, I know, I have neglected my blog and readers for longer than intended. I was busy 'defending' myself, once again and also with writing.
You probably remember the guy who went about accusing me of tagging his book with inappropriate tags? Well, he was on it again, this time, he accused me of slating his book, referring to a post where I said I had sent out the beginning of a book to a friend and it came back with the comment that it has more a chick lit feel to it rather than literary, despite the second person (which referred to the POV). I had a chat with someone else about that particular book, and slagged it off (mock style) as to how future reviewers will see it.
What that guy didn't 'get' was that I was talking about my own book, an unpublished novel, which I sent to a friend to get a 'feel' for it.
So I found that particular comment and posted it to prove to my 'stalker' that he got it wrong. Do you think he'd apologise? Nope, instead he carried on to insult me and others who dared to not side with him. It's the third time he derailed a thread of mine, a discussion I started, which, of course, was about to get heated due to the subject matter (I questioned the quality of self-published books), but he had to come and call me a liar and disgusting; he 'offered' me to turn me into wurst, etc. He then admitted, by accident, I think, to have self-reviewed his book (though he claims it was his friend/wife/partner -- the one who called me stupid, by the way), and not him. When people picked him up on that, he whined that people accuse him of something he didn't do. Sound familiar? Yes. He got to taste a bit of his own medicine, just that he openly admitted what he did, for all to see, and I didn't do anything of what he claimed I had done. I only shook my head as he continued to make an idiot of himself. I reported this issue to Amazon, who deleted some of his posts, but the insults are still there. Not very helpful of them.

Anyway, I've also been writing on my thriller and am sending every finished chapter to my friend Piddi, who now threatened to become a fan of that novel.Who would have thought? Not her genre normally. But I also secured a lovely beta reader who indeed reads mainly thrillers and horror and therefore is a perfect fit to read mine, including the gory scenes. Now I  just have to finish it, which means about 30k by end of July. No pressure, then.

Other good news on the writing front: Someone who read No Wings Attached, recently said she had no clue that I was self-published. She only read two self-published books and one was mine. So she thought my novel was traditionally published and I guess you know that I grew at least two inches after that statement. Shows that hard work pays off. On the downside: another reader found about 35 errors, which have been corrected since then, but had me embarrassed once again.

And I've been in the garden, picking lots of lettuce, which provided me with lovely salads. It is coming along really nice. The poppies are flowering beautifully, the courgettes have little flowers and the tomato plants grow stronger from week to week. It's a pleasure to go up and potter around. Gave the mint, lemon balm and sage a massive haircut, cut everything back so the new leaves can grow back healthily.

Tonight, I went to watch Prometheus in 3D with friends and can say that even someone like me, who can't stand horror and all the gory bits, watched it without even having to blink. It's good, but nothing to get overly excited about and some things made me shake my head, re believability and some funny glitches we discussed later. It felt a bit like a remake of Alien in parts. Still, I enjoyed it.

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