Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm excited!

Many have already asked me for the sequel to No Wings Attached. And rightly so, because I've promised there's going to be one. After I've unfortunately missed my initital deadline due to the mishap with the first book, I was rather thrown and demotivated continuing the sequel, but since I get requests left, right and centre, I'm happy to say it's coming along well. Yesterday, I've reached 50,200 words, which means, I'll probably finish this month. Then it goes to my Beta-readers and into editing/proofing. I expect the novel to be published in December -- hopefully before Christmas.
For those of you who are waiting: you will meet Celia, Tom and Emily again, but in addition you'll be introduced to a rather hot Sam and, of course, Adam will play a bigger part, too. There will still be romance and heaps of fun, but also more paranormal in the form of fight scenes. I think I've managed to make this book work as a stand-alone novel, but it remains to be seen until new Beta-readers, those who don't know book one, get back to me saying, they are curious about the first book, but didn't miss it.

That's where you guys come into the game: if you haven't read book one and would love to read book two, please leave a comment underneath this post with your e-mail address. A book for free, being involved in the early stages and your feedback taken seriously -- what's not to like?

Here's the blurb:

Being madly in love with Tom, a rather good looking wish-consultant and working in her dream job, life seems to be perfect for 32-year-old Celia. If it wasn't for the dark side still being after her or Sam, a charismatic man asking for her help, causing dilemma. When Tom gets another demanding case, and Celia takes her friend on a trip to Lanzarote, everything's about to change. The question is: for the better or for the worse?

The first five entries will receive the book once I'm done with the first draft.

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