Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hot-sweet fish recipe with Jasmin rice

Something I've cooked yesterday and boy did I enjoy it: light, healthy, tasty and best for everyone with only little time -- it's quick.

What you need:
Pouting, Mackerel or Whiting fillets (I try to avoid buying Cod due to the overfishing issue, plus those fishes are much cheaper as well as tasty).
Spring onions
Red chillies
Soy Sauce
Good quality olive oil
Grated ginger

Cut spring onions, chop a red chili and garlic, grate ginger. Put the garlic aside, mix the rest with honey, soy sauce and olive oil.
Score the fish on the skin, then fry in very hot pan, skin side down, no seasoning required.
Plate up Jasmin rice, place fish on top, spoon the sauce over the fish
right into the cracks, now fry the garlic briefly in the still hot pan, then put it on top of the fish. 
Also great: finish off with some toasted sesame seeds.

Now here's another tip: I'm all for using left overs. So if you have some spring onions left and you don't know what to do with them... 
Next time you go to the supermarkets, get some no-name soft cheese. Depending on how many spring onions you have, scoop some of the soft cheese into a bowl, cut the spring onions into small rings and bash them up, add to the soft cheese, season with salt and pepper, then mix. 
It tastes brilliant on French stick or as a sandwich filler, either with meat or salmon.

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