Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm back and that with a bang!

Actually it's not me who's back, but my muse. Don't really know where it buggered off to for the past few weeks, but it's back and sitting firmly at my side, giving me inspiration so I can continue with the sequel to No Wings Attached. Last post, I gave the reason why I thought about not writing it, but readers keep asking where the sequel is and guess what? I'm glad. For the past few days, I've been writing over 1000 words each night, yesterday even almost 2000 and it was fun to see the words flowing onto the screen. As I do touch type, I can let my mind create something like a movie, which flickers across my inner eye and my fingers just type out what I see. That's how I work anyway. I'm a very visual person and will translate either reading or writing into a motion picture. Yesterday, I had a scene where Celia is upset with Tom and jealous of his new client, and some circumstances -- coupled with some wine -- made her go out on her own where she bumped into a rather annoying, yet very sexy guy. He's my favourite man in the book. Dark, rough sex-appeal and obnoxious, but he has a way with Celia. He seems to be a case of love/hate him and is very challenging to create, because I want exactly that: being slap bang in the middle, he does things you want him to hate for, but you can't help but love him. He's got this special something your mum always warned you about. I just love it!
Celia is her usual self, funny, madly in love with Tom, but intrigued by that new guy, who plays a major role in the sequel. For the next chapters I've planned some rather big surprises, twists and turns, action and fun. And of course, the romance will not come short either. The toughest challenge is to top the first book, it has to be the same voice and style, but I'm a fan of big surprises, things that make you go: Oh gosh, I didn't see that coming! That's what I want to achieve and I promise you it will be the case. I'm already excited just thinking about the rough plot ideas, but those are only the cornerstones, the writing to incorporate those cornerstones is the difficult part. I'm plotting as I go along and things usually change here and there. This time, I don't even know the ending, which is new for me. It's blank, totally blank, which means it can take any direction. But one thing I'm sure of: it's going to be great! And who knows, if it's working well and my muse throws some inspiration for a third book into the ring, I'll be inclined to follow that one through, too.

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