Saturday, October 29, 2011

How about some romance?

Here's the most recent scene I've written; it's the beginning of a romantic evening of Celia and Tom.
It's the first draft, so I might change a bit here and there, especially the typos :-)
Hope you like it:

When I wake up again, I'm confused. It takes me a while to realise where I am. The sound of someone setting the table reaches my ears and suddenly I feel hungry. Yawning I stretch, then rub my eyes and get up. I've no idea how long I've been sleeping, but I told Tom to not wake me before seven. Groggily, I walk out into the landing and smile: Yurima's playing on low volume in the background and a delicous scent evaporates from the kitchen. When I take the first step down the stairs I gasp in surprise as my bare feet touch something soft: rose petals are scattered around, on the stairs, on the floors, on the tables and the place is lit by candles and oil lamps, flames are gently flickering in the breeze. The folding doors to the terrace are wide open, connecting the inside with the garden. Poking my head outside in hope to find Tom, I'm even more in awe: the scheme of rose petals and candles continues. And there's something new: where once was a huge potted plant now stands an outdoor clay fireplace which looks suspiciously hand made. I admire it for a while, then let my eyes wander to the table. Judging by the cuttlery we'll have at least three courses. My knees weaken. I have the best boyfriend in the world.Just at the thought I hear him closing the front door and hurry over to me.
�Hey, you are awake.� Tom wraps his arms around me from behind, kissing my hair.
Where were you?�
�Forgot something in the car.�
I turn around. �The rings?�
He laughs. �No, oh dear, now that would be quite something, wouldn't it?�
�Yep, but I'm perfectly fine without them. They couldn't make it more perfect than it is.�
�You are beautiful,� he whispers, kissing me softly.
�Slightly inadequat in your dressing gown and wild hairdo.�
�Doesn't matter.� He holds me at arm's length and nods.
�What now?�
�I've got something for you.�
�Oh please, I don't know if I can take more surprises, I'm totally overwhelmed already.�
�You'll love this.� With that he heads back to the entrance, just to come back with a stunning red dress.
�That's for me?�
He nods. �Try it on.�
I grab the hanger and hold it away to see the size and cut. It's a short � just above the knee � neckholder, with a rather low cut back.
�You bought this?�
�Of course I did. Well, I had some help from Yasmin, but before you get upset: she really knew what to look for when I described what I had in mind. I'm a man, you see?�
�Well, I'd like to think you didn't try it on, because that would have people laughing, right?�
He pulls a face, then grins. �Mind you, I've got rather thin legs, don't you think?�
�Yes. And hairy.� I go upstairs, drop the dressing gown and slip into the dress. The material is so soft and light, it literally hugs me, showing my curves. I stare at my reflection in the mirror and can't believe my eyes. I've never worn something like that before and I feel instantly sexy. Now I need to splash some water in my face and put on some light make up. When I'm done I grab my hair and twist it twice, then fix it to my head in a messy knot and pull out a few locks. Another check in the mirror and I nod satisfied. Now my appearance matches his house. Shame I don't have my pumps here. Barefoot has to do the trick.
Tom's jaw drops when he sees me. Quickly, he puts down the bottle of red he was about to decant and hurries to the bottom of the stairs. He has changed, too, wearing a white shirt and a dark-blue waistcoat with fine red stripes to match the colour of my dress, plus a bow tie.
�Wow!� he says.
�Wow, yourself.� I smile and wrap my arms around his neck to eagerly kiss him. Our lips part the same time to search for each other's tongues. He moans softly and I pull away to look at him. His eyes are full of lust. I smirk and lick my lip.
He chuckles. �You are so mean.�
�What? By saving your dinner?�
�True, but I would have been delighted to undress you.�
I lean in and kiss him again with a bit more passion than before, my heart thudding and my grip a bit more tightly. Our breathing becomes faster and after an eternity, we break apart. He strokes over my hot cheeks, gazing deeply in my eyes.
�I love you.�
�I love you, too. Thanks for all this; it's absolutely wonderful.�
�You deserve it.� He kisses me another time and I'm glad I'm not wearing shoes. Suddenly, the kitchen timer rips us out of our moment and Tom heads over to the kitchen.
�Go and take a seat outside, the starter will be served in a minute.�

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