Thursday, November 3, 2011

The secret is out!

After last week's writing-marathon and rapid accumulation of words, I'm left with about 8k -- that's two chapters -- to finish the novel. And I still have a big twist up the sleeve. I set myself the goal of finishing the book by the 15th of November and then send it out to Beta-readers. With their feedback, I'll edit the book and then send it off to my lovely friends, who help me to eliminate what's left from my Germish syntax, typos and other errors. This time, I'll make sure that everything is cleaned up before I release it.

The book has been fun, as well as excruciating, to write; a sequel that continues the first book, yet still has to be able to stand alone is a massive challenge. If I did a good job remains to be seen once the Beta-readers, who haven't read the first book, get back to me saying it was all conclusive -- or so I hope.

More painful was the title. I wanted to continue the theme of word-plays, since No Wings Attached (No Strings Attached) mirrored the plot as well as the comedy aspect of the first book.
When I was about to give up, the title revealed itself to me: Candlelight Sinner (candlelight dinner). You have no idea how much I smiled that day.
Again, a word-play mirroring the plot, though I know it could be misleading. Anyone who expects a raunchy storyline will be disappointed, but then that's what the blurb is for, right?

If you're curious about the opening of the second book, I've created a page named Candlelight Sinner and posted the blurb, as well as the first chapter. It's still unedited, so please forgive the errors.

If you are interested in being a Beta-reader, please send me an e-mail; you'll find my address to the right, under 'About me'. 

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