Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin-sorrel soup with roasted pine nuts

It's cold outside and I'm sitting with a blanked over my knees like an old lady. I've refused to turn on the heating until yesterday. This October has been the coldest one in years, no t-shirt days unlike there were in the past years. I even put on my gloves when I cycled to the garden yesterday. It was freeeeeeezing! Well, then again I was tired after a terrible night of interrupted sleep, which made it worse.
Never mind, once the heating was on, and I had a soup to warm me from inside, I felt much better and my fingers warmed up so I could continue writing on my 'rant', which, by the way, is coming along nicely. I expect the book(let) to be out by mid November, then hide in a cave until the storm is over. Not really, but I expect to ruffle some feathers, and that was my intention. Sometimes you have to stand up and say what people don't want to hear to make a difference.

Next to me, in his house and close to the window, sat the dragon, kicking back. He's slowly coming out of mating season and started eating again. Not heaps, but we'll get there. And it's about time, I'd say, season started in April! Just as I type this he's sitting on his upper hangout on the heating mat, one leg hanging down and his eyes closed. A proper doze. I can't tell you how cute that looks. Showing is not an option, because he doesn't like my hairdo today, so he won't sit still and let me take a picure. But I'm able to post one of him chilling yesterday. Not sure how he can find lying in that position comfortable, but then, I'm not an iguana.

I'll now go ahead with writing and wish you a great weekend. If you're somewhere outside and need something to warm your cockles afterwards, here's a picture and quick recipe for the soup:

You need:  
Pumpkin puree
Lovage or Celery/cerleriac

Cut the sorrel and lovage roughly and throw in a hot pot with some butter/oil. Add the pumpkin puree, stock and milk, season and heat everything properly. Either use a hand blender if you only make a portion for two, or a proper liquidiser if you cook for more people. (The hand blender will make it fluffier.)
Serve and decorate with with any sort of roasted crushed nuts, or pumpkin seats, whatever you have available. I used pine nuts.

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