Sunday, July 25, 2010

Flash Fiction

Do you tend to get carried away when writing? Well, you are not alone. Though I don't have trouble to write short stories, many do. For some reason, I always end up under 1000 words. Flash Fiction contests are the best to hone your skills, and to cut the overload. You receive a 'theme' that could be a word, a sentence, a picture or something like this. It's called, which I just learned, a prompt.
A short story, though, is different to a short story.
The first is just one with a limited word count; a plot told in short if you will.
The second on the other hand is much more complicated, because every word counts, it's all about reading between the lines and crafting one of those requires a lot of expertise. 

I'm working on honing my skills on the second. It's a slow process, but rewarding.

Writing short and short stories, maybe even both as a combination is fun and good in case you get stuck with your novel. It gets the juices flowing again.

Try it out. I recommend to take part here: Flash Fiction on AOS

See you there.

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